1. 2013

    GitHub-pages-like publishing

    I really love using GitHub pages for publishing stuff: I can easily setup the required steps to build & publish my website, and then forget about it.

    When I need to make a change, I can just pull the latest copy, do the changes, push back and publish.

    No need to ...

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  2. 2013

    Using HTTPS with self-signed certificate in nginx

    I recently needed to enable https support on a nginx server, using self-signed certificates. This is roughly the procedure I followed to:

    • Create a CA siging certificate
    • Create a delegate CA certificate for the actual signing
    • Generate a certificate signing request
    • Sign the request generating the final certificate

    Generating the ...

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  3. 2011

    Grabbing whole site using wget

    Recently, I needed an off-line copy of some documentation, available only as web pages. That's how I managed to clone entire parts of websites using wget.

    First of all, the whole command I used:

    wget -U "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux; en-US; rv: Gecko ...
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