Do you know the popular programming challenge of generating the lyrics of the 99 Bottles of beer song using the shortest code possible? There's even a websites that collects these scripts in many different languages:

I took the challenge..

..and here it is my solution, in just 237 bytes of Python code! :)

w=lambda c,d:'%s bottle%s of beer on the wall%s\n'%(c or'No','s'[:c!=1],d)
for i in range(99,-1,-1):print"\n".join([(w(i,',')*2)[:-14]+'.','Take one down, pass it around,'if(i)else'Go to the store, buy some more,',w((i-1)%100,'.'),'']),

(Here it is, reformatted a bit for sake of "readability"..)

w = lambda c,d: '%s bottle%s of beer on the wall%s\n' \
    % (c or'No', 's'[:c!=1], d)
for i in range(99,-1,-1):
    print "\n".join([
        (w(i,',')*2)[:-14] + '.',
        'Take one down, pass it around,' \
            if (i) else 'Go to the store, buy some more,',
        w((i-1) % 100, '.'),