Hanging out the laundry - the engineer way

The problem

I live in a small apartment with just a shared garden, and I usually hang out the laundry inside on a drying rack which tends to be way too small, especially for things like bed sheets.

The solution

The only option to lay out a proper clothesline was between the roof beams.. which involved a bit of engineering and knowledge of sailing knots.

This was the final result:

How to put the rope up there, without using a ladder (which I currently didn't have at hand)?

The first one was simple: just attach some weight (a lighter ...

Prevent Spotify from "freezing" on Linux with Awesome wm

I recently upgraded Spotify on Linux to version 0.9.10.

A part from the nice improvements (it's cool to have a browse tab, at last), there are also some issues.

Specifically, it looks like the song change notification doesn't work well with Awesome WM, causing most parts of X to partially freeze for about 15 seconds (Awesome is completely unresponsive, only a few applications keep accepting keystrokes, mouse clicks are simply ignored).

This is really annoying, especially since there is apparently no way to disable it from the settings UI.

Luckily enough, I was able to find ...

FlightGear launch scripts

I usually run my FlightGear with quite a lot of command-line options, and thus having to type 'em all each time is not an option.

I've been using fgo for a while, but keeping (un)commenting lines all the time is not ideal either.

I could create a bunch of "launcher" scripts, but they would end up being unreadable quickly, unless I figured out a way to create them a smarter way.

This is what I came up with (by the way, I compiled FlightGear 2.10 by hand and installed in a non-standard location, that's why you ...

Welcome to the new Hackzine.org!

After a long wait, I finally found a Cool Way to write my blog: let me introduce the new Pelican-based version of Hackzine.org!

The blog is written in reStructuredText and statically built to HTML by Python-powered Pelican.

Everything is under version control using Git, and then deployed to the server via Git-deploy.

You can still find the old version of this blog, rendered to static HTML, here: http://old.hackzine.org/

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