The problem

I live in a small apartment with just a shared garden, and I usually hang out the laundry inside on a drying rack which tends to be way too small, especially for things like bed sheets.

The solution

The only option to lay out a proper clothesline was between the roof beams.. which involved a bit of engineering and knowledge of sailing knots.

This was the final result:

How to put the rope up there, without using a ladder (which I currently didn't have at hand)?

The first one was simple: just attach some weight (a lighter, in this case) to one end of the rope using a clove hitch, and throw it to the other side of the beam..

Then, use the running end of the rope (the one with the lighter attached) to make a bowline around the rest of the rope, to create a slip knot that will secure the rope in place.

Leave a couple meters of rope on the running side of the bowline: you'll need to pull it in order to recover the rope.

The other beam is much higher and was much harder to reach. The weight of the rope was preventing me to be able to throw the lighter up enough, so I had to figure out some other way..

Luckily enough, I was able to screw a broom stick inside a (flexible) dustpan stick handle, and use it to bring the rope + lighter on the other side of the beam.

Then, I used a hook to pull it on the other side.

And.. that's it!

I left about 8 meters of rope on this side, as I will need them to pull the whole rope up and down, then attached the remaining part up with a bowline (to allow for recovery) plus a clove hitch, to prevent it from slipping:

To keep the rope in place up there, just attach some ballast to the "extra" part of the rope. In this case, I used a chair, attached with a clove hitch:

This was the first loading test :)