I recently upgraded Spotify on Linux to version 0.9.10.

A part from the nice improvements (it's cool to have a browse tab, at last), there are also some issues.

Specifically, it looks like the song change notification doesn't work well with Awesome WM, causing most parts of X to partially freeze for about 15 seconds (Awesome is completely unresponsive, only a few applications keep accepting keystrokes, mouse clicks are simply ignored).

This is really annoying, especially since there is apparently no way to disable it from the settings UI.

Luckily enough, I was able to find a solution by digging online a bit. Apparently, there is an (undocumented?) configuration option that solves the issue.

It can be used from the command line:

spotify --ui.track_notifications_enabled=false

Or set in the configuration file ~/.config/spotify/Users/<spotifylogin>-user/prefs:


Note that, for some reason, setting this in ~/.config/spotify/prefs is not enough and looks like it gets ignored.