Here it is a small Bash script I wrote in order to easily "cut out" and rasterize to PNG parts from a SVG file.

Download the script here:

It uses Inkscape for all the conversion part.


  • Define the grid dimensions: tile width/height and amount of vertical/horizontal tiles.
  • For each of the interesting tiles (specified by using row an column number), call Inkscape to cut out and render the selected area from the SVG image, to a given destination file.


-f filename.svg
Specify the input file name
-t, --tile rows cols
Specify the selected tile(s). Both "rows" and "cols" can be a single zero-based index, a space-separated list or a range defined as MIN-MAX
-d, --dest path
Specify the output destination, as filename prefix. The final filename will be <path>-row-column.png.
-ts, --tile-size width height
Specify the tile size, in pixels.
-gs, --grid-size width height
Specify the grid size, in horizontal/vertical tile number.
-os, --out-size width height
Specify the output image size. You can specify only one of the two dimensions using the -ow and -oh arguments; in this case, the other one will be calculated proportionally.
-b, --background color
Specify the background color for the image, in RGBA format. Defaults to white (ffffffff).
--inkscape path
Specify the path to the Inkscape binary to use, if it's not in PATH.
Enable debugging output.